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China National Service Corporation (CNSC) is responsible for the construction and operation of the world's largest shopping center in Shanghai, China.

Located north of the famous Erqi Square, Zhengzhou has a number of shopping malls and supermarkets, including the largest shopping mall in the world, the China National Shopping Center. There are also dozens of major shopping malls, including Tianjin Jiaotong, Beijing Jiexing and Tianjin Zhiyuan. Numerous markets and shops surround this shopping centre, helping to create the most prosperous business district in Zheng Zhou. The business district serving the residents of Zhenghou to the west is a home appliance chain, including Gome and Five Star, as well as a wide range of retail stores, such as appliances, supermarkets and electronics stores.

However, it is very expensive and although it cannot compete with Wal-Mart or Carrefour, there is a good selection of quality clothing and accessories as well as a wide range of household appliances and electronics stores. It is also known for its many fast food outlets such as McDonald's, McDonald's and Burger King. Although it is not at the level of whale Mart and auto shelters , this is one of the most popular shopping malls in Zheng Zhou and a popular destination for tourists.

Wangfujing Group Co. Ltd. was founded and looks back on a history of over 60 years. It is one of the largest shopping centers in the world in Zheng Zhou and the largest in China.

The group's current distribution network includes 46 large retail stores in Zheng Zhou, covering various sales formats, including department stores, department stores, convenience stores and specialty stores. It also operates over 50 large retail outlets across the country, covering different types of retail outlets, such as restaurants, hotels, restaurants and retail outlets. The group's "current sales network" includes 46 major retail outlets across the city, covering a range of retail formats including food, clothing, groceries, electronics, homewares, cosmetics and entertainment.

Zheng Zhou has everything from clothing to electronics, electronics, cosmetics, household goods, cosmetics and entertainment. Like everything else, you can find pretty much everything from food to clothing to accessories and accessories.

The shopping centre in Zhengzhou has everything from clothing to electronics, electronics and electronics to cosmetics, household goods, cosmetics and entertainment. It has a very good reputation for its behavior and good customer service, good service and a good shopping experience.

The two big department stores, so popular that they are right next to each other. These include the famous China Post department store and the Zhengzhou shopping centre. These are the main shopping centres of the city, whose main shops are next to each other and their shopping centres. This is one of the most popular shopping malls in China, with its main store and its shopping centre adjacent to each other, it is the second largest shopping centre in Henan.

The group operates over 30 department stores in 20 cities in 5 major economic zones in China. Here you will find supermarkets and shopping malls, including the famous China Post and Zhengzhou shopping malls. The shopping mall and hotels have a large number of restaurants, shops, hotels and restaurants (remember the crossroads between Shenzhen and Hong Kong?). In addition, many large companies such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft and other companies have settled here.

He is currently developing a high-speed rail line from Zhengzhou to Chesterfield in the United States. The east-west route is connected by a 1,500-kilometer-long railway line with a top speed of 100 km / h, Taubman says. A high-speed line to Wanzhou, Chongqing, Jinan, Taiyuan and Hefei will be built in addition to the existing 1.5 km long, 2.2 km long and 1 billion square metres large railway line.

Zhengzhou is not one of the largest cities in China, but it is China's largest train hub, and many markets and department stores are located in the city area. Getting there: Between Lanzhou and Lianyungang Railway Station in Zhengzhou, China, there is a 1,500-kilometer railway line and a 2.2-kilometer-long, 2 billion-square-meter railway line from Lan Zhou to Hefei, Hebei Province that leads here. With a top speed of 100 km / h and 1.5 billion square meters of shopping space, Zheng Zhou is also China's "largest" railway hub.

Shopping in Zhengzhou will give you information about what you can buy in Zhengzhou and where to buy, including local specialties and excellent shopping. Here you will find information about the local markets and department stores, as well as about shopping, entertainment and restaurants.

The city of 10 million is an important hub for high-speed connections to Beijing and Shanghai. It includes a number of shopping centres as well as a variety of restaurants, bars, hotels and hotels.

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