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This post is part of a series of articles about food I have eaten in Zhengzhou and my experiences in the city. Chinese food, from facelifts to street food and everything in between, all in one place.

Henan is a central part of China and one of the largest provinces in terms of area, but is also considered the origin of Chinese cuisine. Henan Yu Cuisine is a generic term used to define the local cuisine of Zhengzhou, a city in the southern province of Zhejiang, China. There are some differences of opinion in Chinese about the origin of this cuisine and disagreements about the original style of cuisine, as the province is both a political and an economic centre, which makes it difficult to understand the historical development of a cuisine. In fact, Henen is a fusion of the characteristics of both the South and the North, resulting in a unique local cuisine, largely due to its proximity to other provinces.

Given the current situation in China, asymmetric information has led to a wide range of food fraud behaviours. Although the existing system introduced in Beijing can provide consumers with traceability information, most consumers do not have confidence in the system of inquiry, as they are not able to make informed decisions about food safety. This increases the possibility of opportunistic behaviour and food misuse, resulting in a lack of transparency and a high degree of uncertainty about food safety and quality.

One possible evening could be to eat in a restaurant in Sichuan or Henan, buy a bottle of fine wine from the dynasty, chat with the local clientele, get lazy and finish the evening at the KTV bar. Here are some of my favorite places to eat when you're over there, with relatively little activity in Zhengzhou. I tried as many Chinese snacks and street food as I could find, but fried rice was perhaps the most popular.

China has emerged from the shadow of the Western world and has managed to create its own identity. Henan is one of the oldest provinces in China, which has developed over the centuries by bringing together important food cultures from the surrounding regions. It is a delicious food that makes Zhengzhou an international metropolis where you can taste food from all over the country. Although it is located in the Central Plains and has a long history, there is still some time - honored brands of food in this city.

Henan cuisine has specific characteristics and properties, although it has some similarities in terms of extremes and taste to the cuisine in Jiangsu. The most important feature of this cuisine is the overlap of cooking methods, which adapts to Beijing and Jiangxi cuisine, giving it a very pronounced consistency and being dependent on seasonal foods.

Henan cuisine also uses rice and vermicelli, in accordance with the customs and norms of South China and Southeast Asia. However, it is also unique in terms of cooking noodles using something that is not used in other parts of the country, such as Jiangxi, Guangdong and Guangxi.

A characteristic of northeastern Chinese cuisine is that a dish has many flavors, and the sweet taste and salty taste are well defined. The style of Henan cuisine, however, is more similar to Jiangsu and is predominantly light in taste.

The Zhengzhou people love to eat noodles, and the most famous noodle dishes include Niu Rou La Mian (Niuroulamian), which is a must - eat in Zheng Zhou, Guilin Food in Guangzhou (above) and Handmade Noodles. In the city there are many different types of fried noodles, such as noodles with chicken, pork, beef, lamb, chicken and pork.

Gourmets can also taste many different types of pasta, such as noodles with chicken, pork, beef, lamb and pork. Also Bebe Xinjiang grape fish, flavored with tomato juice, Saiwai rice crust, which looks like a Chinese rice pudding, and in some restaurants Xinwei (hand pilaf), which is fragrant and non-greasy.

Wonton is not a unique food in China, all kinds of noodles are popular, but you should try to cook Wonton Zhengzhou style. Niu Rou La Mian (Niuroulamian) is a must in Zheng Zhou and also in some restaurants in Zhejiang and Xinjiang.

Over time, the influence of the North and Jiangsu's culinary style influenced Henan cuisine and helped it to become what it is today. It has brought Zheng Zhou international events that have left many Chinese and foreign participants with memories of delicious food. With its amazing Zhengzhou flavor, it gives foreign guests a taste of China's rich history and culture and a great culinary experience.

The then Prime Minister Yiyin, who is considered the inventor of Chinese cuisine, wanted to flavour Henan to taste. The result was a spread with very seasonal ingredients, but lighter and breezier than the dishes of Beijing and the cuisine of Jiangxi. It has uncovered a fascinating background in China's history, from the early days of Zheng Zhou to the present day.

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More About Zhengzhou